Sky Waltz Cafe


Sky Waltz Cafe

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The Deal can be availed through Hard Copy Voucher only.


  • *Apnaa Jaipur associates/ deals/ offers/ are provisional and keep on changing or updating time to time as per the mutual agreement between Apnaa Jaipur and its associates.
  • * Mentioned discounts are general offers as per the mutual consent of service providers and Apnaa Jaipur. We do not bear any liability if a member do not get the discount on food, beverage and alcohol due to any special reasons, That decision would be at the discretion of service provider only.
  • *Apnaa Jaipur or any of its employee does not bear the liability, if the service provider deny for the mentioned discount in special cases.
  • For updates visit our website or call us at 9214371890 anytime between 11am to 9pm.


  • ccd Zone by the Park

    Near Madho Singh Circle, Jaipur

  • ccd Ganga Thai Spa

    All 3 Branches, Jaipur

  • ccd Grand Chanakya

    M.I. Road

  • ccd Ramada

    Govind Marg, Raja Park, Jaipur


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